We have had some excellent warmer weather this year but the temps are definitely getting lower. We all know, Construction doesn’t take a break in the winter so it’s important at this time of year to think about the additional hazards that are present at job sites due to winter weather and the corresponding safety precautions that need to be taken. Cold temperatures, wet weather, and frigid winds can take a drastic toll on the human body. Make sure to dress warm and take the necessary breaks to warm up. When we are too cold we tend to lose focus and make mistakes. We all know that the Construction industry requires us to be 100% focused on safety in order for us to be able to complete every day safely and efficiently.

Pay special attention during the winter months at your construction site to avoid safety hazards. Take time throughout the day, every day, to walk through the job site and look for hazards created by snow and ice. Keep an eye on walkways, work platforms, scaffolds, stairs and ladders. Remember, falls are the leading cause for deaths and injuries in our industry. As it is stated in our PLS JSA, “IF ALL HAZARDS CAN”T BE CONTROLLED OR ELIMINATED, STOP, CONTACT YOUR SUPERVISOR AND/OR SAFETY PROFESSIONAL.

Always wear your PPE, it is the last line of DEFENSE. Thank you all for working SAFE