We are on a mission to educate workers out in the field on the hazards that come with the changing of the weather. Falls are the leading cause for deaths in construction. As you have probably already noticed, the mornings are getting colder and its creating wet conditions and possibly in a couple of months, icy conditions, which increases the possibility of slips, trips and falls. It is important to take this change into consideration and come up with the best plan to eliminate or control the hazard. Slips and trips can cause minor or severe injuries depending on the type of work being done.

Here are a few safety tips in order to prevent slips, trips & falls.

  • Execute the JSA Process. Its not the form that keeps you safe, its the process. Plan ahead, inspect your areas and equipment first thing every morning and make sure they are free of wet conditions which are soon to going to also be icy.
  • Communicate with your supervisor or PLS in order to come up with corrective measures if your having trouble coming up with the way to eliminate or control the hazard.
  • Follow all safety rules in place such as, 100% tie off while working off heights or walking on gritted surfaces.
  • Try not to carry too much you need to leave your hands and arms free to better balance yourself. Carrying heavy items can challenge your sense of balance.
  • Use the correct type of PPE. Slip resistant boots are extremely important.