They actually care. Every leader, boss or person in management is worried about my safety and checks in to make sure everything is going well on the job. They reach out and make sure I’m happy with what I’m doing, and they’ve just always been there for me. It’s a great company to work for. I went through a lot of safety courses before I was ever in the field. Safety is their No. 1 focus as far as I’m concerned. When I first started working with them, I was working above my head and we didn’t have a platform so I ended up hurting my chest. John Black and Ken Cole came out to the jobsite to make sure I was OK, helped me get back to Indiana and made sure I got back to my full health. It was a great learning experience and they were there for me the whole time. I’ve worked for other companies in the past and there’s always a lull between jobs. I’ve been with PLS for seven and half years now but have never been laid off. I think I’m working for one of the best companies out there!

Lloyd Emmons


They had a job coming up and when I talked to their hiring manager who called me, I was really impressed by the questions he asked. One thing we deal with in this industry, especially through temp services, is you get guys who have a real pretty resume, but they get out on the job and don’t know how to do anything. PLS wanted to make sure I could do what I said I could do. As I’ve worked for them, I’ve become friends with just about everyone I talk to in the office. I took about 10 months off for some health issues and they would call me about at least once a month just to see what was up. This was the owner of the company calling just to check in and say I always had a home there with them. That really, really eased my mind. They’re just really good people. They’re invested in safety and they definitely go above and beyond. PLS is different. I’ve worked for all sorts of places. PLS is the only temp service that I will work for — and I don’t consider them a temp service. They’re home to me. They pay better than what 90% of your hiring companies or contractors are paying. They try to get you good per diem and anything involving safety that you need they will get to you immediately. And there is no forced dispatch, something you don’t see anywhere else. If they offer you a job, you can say no and they’re still going to call you again.

Jimmy Shaffer

Welder and millwright

The owners actually care, and they’ve got a lot of great programs for their employees. I started with the owners when they were just starting up. They paid tuition for my schooling and provided safety training and classes. I travelled all over the country for them doing construction and moved my way up. If you need something, all you have to do is talk to somebody and they’ll listen instead of blowing you off. I started with pretty much no safety experience. Now I have my OSHA 500 and was in a class with three OSHA inspectors. As far as I’m concerned, PLS is the best construction company I’ve ever worked for. They pay really well and have great benefits. ‘Temp agency’ doesn’t do it justice. Other temp companies treat you like a temp worker. These guys never have and I’ve worked for them for more than seven years.

Nathan Engleking

Electrical work, carpentry and millwright work

I was glad to find PLS and ever since, I’ve been busy. The biggest thing is the communication. If I have a problem out in the field, I can call anybody and get it resolved before that day is over. They always pay on time and if I ever have a question they are there for me right away. If we need tools or other resources, it’s no problem. I’ve got four guys that work the same jobs with me all the time and none of us have ever trouble with anything.

Robert Lankford

Millwright and ironworker for 20 years

Your team has been able to accommodate our requests on short notice and are great people to work with. You send us contractors that are always dependable and ensure the job is fully completed prior to leaving our plant or our customers in the field. You keep us informed of how the jobs are progressing and make recommendations on how to improve on future projects. We have been thrilled with their knowledge and skill sets. I would highly recommend PLS as a very effective and professional labor support firm.
Denny Pearson

General Manager, PLS Customer

Being with PLS and seeing their commitment to safety makes me feel better and lets me know I’m working with a group of guys who are going to do everything they can to get me home to my family safe. I never want to be at a company where you’re nothing but a number and they don’t know you as a person. At PLS, they know you by name. With how much of a family-oriented company they’ve been since I’ve been here, I plan to stay with PLS for a very long time.
Clarence Payne

Electrician, Third-year apprentice

We’ve had the opportunity to work with PLS on multiple electrical construction projects over the last several years. Whenever we need help, short term or long term, PLS has been there for us. We’ve been very satisfied with the service provided and have come to rely on PLS for their well-trained and safety-conscious workers.
Michael Biehle

President, PLS Customer

The PLS crew I’ve had on-site has done an amazing job and is one of the most cohesive teams I’ve ever worked with. Not only do they tackle assigned project tasks in a timely manner, but they’re so timely that they’ve been able to finish planned daily tasks much faster than anticipated and their efficiency allowed us to update our original plan to a more aggressive schedule so we could finish the project sooner. It’s their ‘We’ve got work to do, let’s get to it’ mentality that’s going to make this a very successful partnership.
Jason Holgate

Site Manager, PLS Customer

Nine years ago, I was hired to work one day a week answering the phones and organizing payroll and timecards. That quickly turned into more days and more responsibilities, and it’s been incredibly exciting to see what PLS has become. It’s a great group of people and they’re making a positive impact on those we’re working with — that’s the biggest reward. My passion is for our PLS Pros in the field. Without them, we have nothing. This company makes sure people know they’re important, that they’re going to be taken care of and that our hearts are in it for them.
Melinda Given

Pro Success Manager