In the last week, we have experienced 2 different types of injuries. One was an abrasion to the right forearm area and the other was an over extension injury due to an ergonomic hazard.

An abrasion might seem minor but if not treated properly, the risk of infection exists especially in construction. Abrasions can easily happen if one is not aware of their surroundings. Ergonomic hazards on the other hand, can be easily overlooked. This is especially true in our line of work because we are often caught in the most awkward positions depending on what we do for a living. It is important to take time to get comfortable, stretch/flex and if possible, change task with someone else periodically in order to avoid injury.

I want to take this time and remind everyone that our goal every day is to make sure we are providing our Professionals a workplace free of recognized hazards and to send every worker home in the same or better condition than when they report to work. The reporting of incidents and near misses, helps us get you the care you need as soon as possible and prompts us to refocus on areas where more attention is needed in order to protect the worker. No matter how minor the incident or injury, we want you to report it in order to prevent it from being something that can turn out to be a major/hazardous situation. Your safety will always be our number priority. Always remember, the main reason we have to follow “Safety Rules” is waiting for us at home. 

 Remember, Always wear your PPE, it is the last line of DEFENSE. Thank you all for working

Fernando Patino