Last week, one of our Professionals suffered an injury on the job. He accidentally smashed his left index finger while attempting to demo a wall off of a 6 foot platform ladder. The Pro is doing well and has returned to work full duty.

Like most accidents that take place, this one was also preventable. The Professional failed to perform a Job Safety Analysis on this particular task and suffered for it. They were too worried about getting the job done as soon as possible. If the Professional simply took the time to asses the job in order to come up with the safest most efficient way to complete the task, then he would of chose a smaller sledge hammer to complete the task.

As you all know, Safety is a condition of employment here at PLS. The JSA has a proven track record to reduce the possibility of accidents in the work place. When we plan ahead, we take the steps needed in order to perform and finish our work safely and efficiently. Do you think the individuals in the pictures below had a JSA. Im sure their families wished they had or at least of performed one correctly.

Please make sure you are performing, executing and turning in you JSA with your timecard every week in order to remain in compliance. Failure to follow our JSA Policy & Procedure will be subject to disciplinary action under the PLS employee handbook.