Do not attempt to lift or push objects that may be too heavy or bulky. Ask for HELP when the load is too heavy or awkward to be lifted safely. Any object weighing  greater than 50 lbs must be team lifted or lifted with the use of a mechanical device.

  • Warm-up and stretch muscles before beginning work.
  • Always use proper lifting techniques. Bend Knees, lift with legs not your back and don’t twist while carrying a load.
  • For work processes that requires repetitive motion, consider job rotation of personnel.
  • Clothing should be loose to allow movement.
  • Making sure you get enough rest throughout the week will definitely help you in more ways than one and helping you lift safely is one of them.

If you ever need any help identifying or controlling hazards, please don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime.

We also want to take this time to remind everyone out there that the “Flu Season” is here. We want to encourage you to check your local county for any flu shots being offered and get one. Like the saying goes, “if we cant take care of ourselves, we cant take care of anyone else.”


Thank you all, stay warm and have a BLESSED SAFE WEEK!!!