We will be re-enforcing our PPE policy out in the field. We recently experienced a laceration on one of our job sites. Like all incidents that I have investigated, it was definitely preventable. Thankfully this PLS Pro had his PPE on and it ended up saving his eye.

Personal Protective Equipment is our armor out in the field for the unexpected. I always say, if I could predict the time when an incident is going to happen and tell you that you should be wearing your PPE at that time so you don’t suffer an injury then I would be a very wealthy man. We require all PRO(s) to wear their PPE 100% of the time because it is a PROactive measure that reduces or eliminates the potential of injury. It is the PRO(s) responsibility to wear, inspect and request replacements when needed by communicating with their Supervisor or PLS Management.

Remember, “PPE IS THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE,” PLS Professionals are required to always wear all assigned PPE.

At PLS, we not only want you to be thinking about Safety while you are at work but also want you to BRING IT HOME!!!!