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The most tactical approach to installation, strategically located at the crossroads of America.

We’re not just an installer, we’re your ally. When you partner with PLS, you take advantage of our tactical approach of combining the most elite labor force in the industry with our strategically located warehouse. The result is guaranteed end user satisfaction on every project with logistics, planning, and execution all housed under one roof.

You will have the same Elite Pros working on the same equipment from start to finish, and you will benefit from reductions in costs associated with transport, pre-site, testing, fit-up, storage, missing parts, and project delays.

The traditional installation process

The process for most installers is limited to the installation at the End User Facility. This is a complicated, wasteful, and expensive process. The installers often experience supply chain issues, design mistakes that need to be fixed, parts that are missing, and faulty components. 

At PLS, we are redefining the installation process

Our dedicated warehouse space gives us the competitive advantage in the material handling industry, eliminating the cost and complexity of the traditional installation model of “BUILD IT AND WAIT”. Our elite team is changing the industry standard from being reactive to PROactive!

The PLS Customized Solution

Our customized solution eliminates a costly step in the process and greatly improves the Install and End User experience.

By preparing for the installation at PLS we can:

  • NPre-assembly components for faster installation at the EUF, resulting in quicker installs and higher End User satisfaction.
  • NIdentify issues BEFORE the install.
  • NTest components BEFORE the install.
  • NSource missing parts BEFORE the install.
  • NFabricate solutions due to design mistakes BEFORE the install.
  • N Reduce Change Orders.
  • N Increase Partners capacity to sell more.

Not only do we eliminate a step, but we also keep the installation on schedule and under budget by eliminating the onsite problem solving.  Our strategy is short term storage solutions designed to prepare for the installation.  After preparing for the install at our facility we follow the product to the EUF for final installation.  

As a true Partner, we do not want to capitalize on a reactive broken process dependent on change orders.  We want to fix what is broken by being PROactive and investing in solutions for everyone’s future.  For Our Pros, Our Partners, and their End Users.

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