M.E.W.P.’s are very useful devices with many applications. They allow easy elevation to desired working heights, and the provide a relatively stable working platform from which to work. Aerial lifts make many jobs much easier and safer, it takes little effort to operate them safely.

OSHA Standards states that only trained & authorized persons shall operate an aerial lift. The reason for this training is to assure we are properly trained and knowledgeable of all functions in regards to the equipment we are operating. PLS & OSHA wants to make sure you aware of fall protection requirements, tip over hazards, electrical hazards, proper inspections, safety features, emergency manual override processes, site specific hazards which can affect the operation of the lift, etc.

Every year, fatalities take place on M.E.W.P.’s. Yes, we just got done explaining that they are easy to operate but that is only after you have been properly trained. It is important to be trained on the equipment you are planning to operate before attempting to use in order to prevent any injuries, damage and DEATH.

PLS is on a mission to certify all Pros on M.E.W.P.’s. PLS Pro’s: Please communicate with your Supervisor & Safety Professional in order to schedule any training needed.