We continue to look for the best methods for performing Job Safety Analyses, and we’ve tried to make them useful and easy for PLS Pros to complete.

A JSA is an analysis of your work before you get started, identifying hazards and determining actions you can take ahead of time to minimize the risks you’ve spotted. In years past, PLS held competitions monthly in which a JSA of the Month was selected, then out of those a JSA of the Year was chosen.

We tried a competition like this for a few months last year and found one PLS Pro who continuously submits solid, well-thought-out JSAs each and every week. We thought it appropriate to bring back the annual JSA honor for this consistent work as the JSA Warrior Award, and our first recipient is Lloyd Emmons.

Consistently, Lloyd focused on the upcoming hazards he knew he’d be facing the next week, creating new JSAs to keep himself safe and protected all year. Lloyd will be receiving a $200 gift card as the JSA Warrior of the Year winner and his efforts have most surely prevented injuries for him and his co-workers. CONGRATULATIONS LLOYD!