The JSA is more than just a form, that’s if you follow the PLS Policy and Procedure. Many of you out there have been doing a great job performing these JSA’s and executing them. While at the same time some of you have failed to perform a JSA and have received disciplinary action. Last week, one of our Professionals was released and one of the reasons for that was because he failed to perform a JSA.
Safety is a condition of employment here at PLS. The JSA has a proven track record to reduce the possibility of accidents in the work place. When we plan ahead, we take the steps needed in order to perform and finish our work safely and efficiently. Do you think the individual in the picture below had a JSA. Im sure his family wished he had or at least of performed one correctly.

Please make sure you are performing, executing and turning in you JSA with your timecard every week in order to remain in compliance. Failure to follow our JSA Policy & Procedure will be subject to disciplinary action under the PLS employee handbook.

We appreciate all of you for working SAFE and being a leader out in the field. Remember, at PLS we not only want you to be thinking about Safety while you are at work but also want you to BRING IT HOME!!