When we plan ahead, we take the steps needed to perform our jobs as safely as possible.  The Job Safety Analysis or JSA is more than just a form, it is a proven way to reduce or eliminate hazards.  Many of you have been doing a great job performing these JSA’s while others need some help.  If you are experienced in your craft and understand the JSA process, help your fellow Pro’s fill one out or participate in a group JSA.  We are moving towards an online JSA format with video.  An easy way to address your job hazards and complete your JSA is to participate in this online JSA.

Since safety is a condition of employment at PLS and the JSA is a major part of working safely, it makes sense to participate in and submit your JSA.

Please make sure you are performing, executing and turning in you JSA on the day you fill it our or every day if hazards change and a new JSA is needed.

Submit to safety@plspros.com

Don’t wait until the end of the week to show you have completed your hazard review Job Safety Analysis