We are always looking to help coach any Pro on how to perform a Job Safety Analysis. It has been proven that the JSA is one of the best tools we have out in the field for accident prevention. The form is not necessarily what keeps you safe, it is the training and execution behind it. As we tackle different tasks in ever changing environments, it is important to take the time before the start of any task to survey the area for any hazards and put a plan in place to control or eliminate the hazard(s). Sometimes we are asked to do a job we are not familiar with and although it might seem safe, its best to ask to be sure you are doing the job the safest way possible. I like to say, “when in doubt, ask about”.
We take the JSA policy & procedure extremely serious at PLS. Why wouldn’t we, it prevents accidents and SAFETY comes first. Please make sure you are performing, executing and turning in you JSA with your timecard every week in order to remain in compliance. Failure to follow our JSA policy & procedure will be subject to disciplinary action under the PLS employee handbook.
Thank you all for working SAFE!