Most incidents result from multiple causes, and one cause that is involved in many incidents that end in injuries is housekeeping. Scrap materials, trash, and general clutter in the work area contribute too many accidents each year. So much so that OSHA has a standard specifically dealing with housekeeping issues on construction sites. The standard (OSHA 1926.25) states that during the course of construction all scrap and debris shall be removed from the site at regular intervals, and that work areas, passageways, stairs and the general site shall be free of any build-up of these materials. The standard also states that appropriate containers shall be provided for the collection of these materials. Take a look at your work area. Are there any small scraps of conduit, couplings, chunks of concrete laying around just waiting for you or someone else to step on them and fall? How about small pieces of all-thread laying there that can become a roller-skate when someone walks by?

But wait, you say that everyone makes a mess on construction sites. Why are we responsible for cleaning it up? There are actually two very good reasons why we need to keep our work areas clean. The first and most obvious is that by removing the trash, scrap materials, and debris from your work area you are also removing a majority of the opportunities that exist for accidents and injuries. The second reason is that PLS PROS need to always set the standard on all of our job sites, it’s Professional, which is who we are.

At PLS, we not only want you to be thinking about Safety while you are at work but also want you to BRING IT HOME!!!!

Thank you all for working SAFE!