Last week one of our Pros suffered an injury on the job. He was moving around an I-Beam and it rolled off the equipment it was resting on and landed on his foot. Fortunately, he didn’t break his foot and lost no time from work. This incident could of been prevented if the material was secured to prevent displacement. This task had been done dozens of times before with no incidents but its like you guys hear me say, you can go over 6 feet and not tie off even though your supposed to and survive but it only takes one fall to get severely injured or lose your life.


Furthermore, the season of hot and humid conditions is upon us. We are on a mission to raise awareness and educate workers about the hazards of working in the heat, how to prevent heat illnesses and what to do in case of a heat related emergency. Although you should always be aware and PROactive of temperature conditions in your area, this is the time of the year when we need to be extra cautious of temperature conditions due to the temp and humidity rising which can cause dehydration and can lead to heat related illnesses. HEAT ILLNESS CAN BE DEADLY. Every year, thousands of workers become sick from exposure to heat, and some even die. Heat illnesses and deaths are 100% preventable. 

Danger Signals to watch for are:

  1. If you’re not sweating normally.
  2. If you’re not visiting the “J-Jon”.
  3. If you feel thirsty.
  4. Feeling lightheaded.
  5. Headache
  6. Nausea or queasy feeling.

Key pieces of advice for workers are:

  1. Drink water every 15 minutes, even if you’re not thirsty.
  2. Rest in the cool shade to cool down.
  3. Wear light-colored clothing.
  4. Learn the signs of heat illness and what to do in an emergency.
  5. Keep an eye on fellow workers.


Drink Because You Know That You Should, Not Because You’re Thirsty!

Thank you all for working SAFE!