We know that around this time of the year, a lot of us are making plans to celebrate yet another year and set goals for the next one. We want to take this opportunity to remind all Pros that this is also a time when most of us tend to be less alert of our surroundings. It is important to exercise the JSA process all day everyday and pay extra attention to your surroundings as others might not be just because you are.

Another hazard to be extra cautious about is traffic. Most of us will be in a hurry to get done so we can get going. Please be sure to observe traffic speed limits and report an unsafe activity or hazards to your Supervisor and/or Safety Professional. If you ever feel like you need to have a confidential discussion, all you need to do is call the PLS Hotline @  855-PLS-SAFE (855-757-7233). All information will only be communicated to the appropriate personnel in order to fix any issue that might arise. Your personal information will not be shared or are you required to provide. All we require are the details of the issue so we can fix it immediately.

We appreciate all of you for working SAFE and being a leader out in the field. Remember, at PLS we not only want you to be thinking about Safety while you are at work but also want you to BRING IT HOME!!