Online COVID-19 Screen tool
Do you or someone you are close to have the corona-virus or symptoms?  Click here for answers based on the latest CDC guidelines.

PLS has an ongoing effort to review the COVID-19 situation in real-time.  This site is continuously maintained.  Check this site daily for updates.

PLS believes we all have a responsibility to continue performing the essential work needed for our country right now, and to perform that work while protecting ourselves from the virus and preventing the spread.  While so many of our fellow Americans have been displaced due to the COVID-19 virus our work has never had more purpose or been more essential.  Because of this we have created the WORK SAFE * LIVE SAFE Mission.


The mission is a PLS initiative to guide our Pros and Clients safely through the COVID-19 period.  Our mission during this period is:

  • To educate our Pros and Clients on how to work, live and maneuver through the COVID-19 period with easy to understand how-to guides.
  • To engage our Pros and Clients with timely, accurate and valuable information.
  • To be a necessary & trusted source for Pros and Clients through the COVID-19 period with our information, knowledge, encouragement, faith and hope in a safe & strong tomorrow.

PLS PROs can access a copy of their “I’m an Essential Employee” letter here:  ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEE LETTER

The PLS COVID-19 CENTER is broken down into the following categories.  Click on the links below:

  • FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
  • FACTS – Facts you need to know about the COVID-19 virus
  • HOW TO – Easy to follow guides to complete everyday tasks safely through the COVID-19 period
  • TIPS – Tips to stay safe
  • MEMOS – PLS news and memos regarding the COVID-19 virus
  • HELP – Easy to understand breakdown on the Governments assistance plan