TIPS to prevent and protect with explanations on why they are important

  • NEW!  Online COVID-19 Screen tool
    Apple released a new screening tool and set of resources to help people stay informed and take the proper steps to protect their health during the spread of COVID-19, based on the latest CDC guidance.
  • Don’t use any hand sanitizer on greasy or dirty hands; it’s less effective, according to the CDC.
  • Order groceries online.  Order ahead of time because it may take days.
  • Wash fresh groceries and wipe down packages.
  • Ask Siri.   Yes, that’s right.  iPhone users who are wondering whether they have COVID-19 can now turn to Siri.  Just say…“Hey Siri, do I have the coronavirus?”
  • Avoid non-essential shopping and lifestyle services such as a haircut.  You could contract the virus and bring it back to work.
  • Don’t “hang with the crew” during breaks or after hours.  Being in a group or gathering makes it more likely that you will be in close contact with someone.
  • Take social distancing seriously.  If you want life to get “back-to-normal” then do your part.  WORK SAFE * LIVE SAFE
  • Don’t fall for COVID scams.  Phone scammers have seized the opportunity to prey on consumers. Visit or see our MEMO on CORONA SCAMS.

PLS supports the Presidents “15 DAYS TO SLOW THE SPREAD” guidelines and the CDC guideline on how to .  You can find a copy here:


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