At PLS, we take honor in hiring true “Safety Driven Craft Professionals.” As many of you have noticed, our hiring process is extensive and working at PLS is like no other.

Although we set the standards of working at PLS high, it is up to the individual to uphold them and live them out on the job site. A true Professional is not only just being good at what you do, its much more, one of them being punctual. It’s all in what you are ambitious for and in how you are working toward your ambition.

Our attendance at work and punctuality can make the difference between you suffering an injury or going home safely. If we tend to miss a lot of days or get to work late, we tend to be in a rush to make up for lost time. In doing so, we sometimes decide to take shortcuts or we simply forget that Safety is the most important subject we need to be conscious about not Production. Remember, Safety is a full time job!!!