Together, we can continue to be the safest skilled workforce in America. By signing the 2017 Safety Pledge, you are recommitting to your Family, PLS and the Industry that you are going to strive to be a Safety Leader out in the field.

Safety is the responsibility of our organization, our partners and our industry and we expect everyone to accept the challenge, participate in the culture and exercise continued development of our company wide commitment to WORK SAFE.

PLS believes that each Professional & Partner alike contributes directly to the PLS Safety Culture, as well as company growth and success. We hope you will pledge and recommit yourself in being a member of our team. The goal of PLS is to bring together safety minded individuals who, by safely working together as a team, can exceed expectations and reach previously unattained goals.

To recommit and sign the 2017 Safety Pledge copy and paste this web address:

We appreciate all of you for working SAFE and being a leader out in the field. Remember, at PLS we not only want you to be thinking about Safety while you are at work but also want you to BRING IT HOME!!